Ultra Pixel from HTC

Ultra Pixel from HTC:
VGA Camera, 2 MP(Mega Pixel), 3.2 MP, 5 MP, 8 MP and now 41 MP from Nokia. Phew!!! and just when anyone thought and asked: Can it go any further??

O yes we humans have learned to learn.. fast really fast.. Our quest for better strives us to make better…. better in anything everything.

So gone are the days of MP(Mega Pixel) as a new term is bubbling in the mobile camera’s that is UP(Ultra Pixel).

So what is it: Recently HTC annonced next flagship smartphone M7 at an event on February 19. It features a camera which the company calls UP. It will be made up of three 4.3-megapixel sensor layers, which will be combined to give a resulting single image. It is expected that the pictures clicked through this camera would be crisper, cleaner and have a better colour accuracy.


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