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Window 7 mobile…..with this the sleeping giant is back. Breaking all silence finally microsoft comes speaking. There are many features which shows that Microsoft has taken a radical approach to the phone.

Tiles:: The tile function of the screen replaces the icon displays seen on the iPhone and the Android with living breathing tiles. Just picking up the phone you can see what is going on in your world without opening any app. To add I may say that this is sometimes better than push notifications.

Hub Strategy:: The HUB concept works really well. You can have a music hub in the shape of the Zune app. But this app is not restricted to content I have uploaded to, or bought in Zune, but all the music content on my ‘phone. Take the hub strategy across to other content, like business documents and Office becomes the business hub. This strategy gives me the best of both worlds, I can use my preferred app or I can find it in the main hub. Smart.

Games::  So what so special. Consider full on XBOX action on your phone? The graphics look up to it and the game levels, credits and achievements will be recorded against your Live profile.

Though I feel that Window 7 from microsoft is still an amateur but then like all babies this will also grow. I hope this creates even stiffer competition in market


Project Natal

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So, all you the die heart gamers who would just do anything do be one with the game they play, here is a dawn of new gaming era. Enter the world of “Project Natal”. A revolutionary new way to play and as they No strings attached. Yes so this means you yes yes believe what you read you are the control. Project Natal, enables players to control games using only body movements and voice commands, no controller required the gamer’s body becomes the controller. It uses several cameras, plus a highly specialized microphone and a lot of fancy software, to track the gamer’s body and interpret his or her voice. It works magic thanks to a sensor bar, attached to an Xbox 360.

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Ok,Bing is here today… Fully launched Bing is on to roll from today 3rd June 2009. So I just of giving it a shot. Well a nice and asthetic home page to start with.

Nicely layed out page with option on left of the search box, some suggestive searches below. Also one features you all will notice are the small hotspot areas scattered on the screen with text/information available as soon as you hover mouse.

To start with I search the keyword ‘vijvipin’. No no I am not posseive with my name it was just to try the power of BING,, and BINGO 🙂 here is come… loads on my blogs and all my other presence on Internet world. Great Stuff!!.. Suggestive search is integrated same as most of the search engine are doing these days.

Ok now one more feature is: As soon as you hover your mouse on the searched results it opens a box with a brief of information from the real page. Well thats a neat feature.
On the image search, I am a little disappointed as it could not search as many as the Google can. I again looked for the term “vijvipin” and “vipin vij”.  
So here are some Tips from my side to get more from BING…

Use the Fully Loaded BING..
The are chances that you seeing a localized version of Bing (if using outside North America) that may be missing some features. For instance, the Indian version of doesn’t have search history and the image on the Bing home page here is not interactive as in the US version.

To explore the full version of Bing, go to this page and set English – US as your default region. You can now enjoy all the Bing features from anywhere.

All for those stock predators 🙂
For all you who start the day with looking at stocks, if you search for a company stock, Bing will automatically create a web slice for that company which you may then add to IE 8 and track the performance directly from the favorites bar. You need Internet Explorer 8 to try this feature.

Pages with a particular file type:
Bing supports a unique “contains” search operator that lets you find web pages that contain links to particular file types.

One of the interesting feature is .. they (people at BING) change there main background on daily basis, so it will be interesting to see the new image on each day. On this front Google seems a bit boring…though it has speed benefits..

As Microsoft Internet explorer is widely used web browser, now Microsoft will give preinstalled Bing toolbar in IE, so i think the users of Bing will increase with time.

So, enjoy new searches.. and put your comments on this.

Bugs in Windows: Recently Microsoft a much critical software update patch plugging three vulnerabilities in all versions of its Windows operating system. Of these two of which were reported privately and the third of which was publicly disclosed. The vulnerabilities could enable an attacker who successfully exploits them to install programs; view, change or delete data; or create new accounts with full user rights. The security update addresses the flaws by validating the fields inside the SMB packets, according to Microsoft.