Love Robots, Well then a must meet for you guys, this is ROVIO. Rovio spy on your home from anywhere in the world you have a Web connection. Yes look at the pic below, looks like a toy from the STAR-TRACK Movie.



But wait… “This is not a toy” – far from it. With the ROVIO, WowWee has delivered a highly functional and extremely useful robot appliance that will find broad application both in the home and in office environments. In addition to remote viewing – like home security, we plan on using it for video conferencing, especially in situations where there is a need to pan around the room, or to look at items – like new product models, from different perspectives.

Novio uses the incredible Northstar technology. Northstar is a system that is like having a micro-GPS system for your home, allowing the Rovio to navigate your home with pinpoint accuracy. With Northstar Rovio always knows exactly where it is and where you want it to go next.

Also, the ROVIO is small and light enough that it’s easy to pick up and carry. It would be the perfect tool to carry around and give remote clients a tour of our facilities. For that matter, you could use it to let the grandparents feel they were right in the middle of a birthday party, even if they are hundreds of miles away.

NOTE: The WowWee Rovio can be can be configured using either a Windows PC or Apple Macintosh.