PL/SQL -> Finding a column name in all tables

The other day, while working on a project I needed to find all the tables in a schema with a particular column name. Say for example, I wanted to list all the tables having a column name ’empid’. Following is the Oracle query to do just the same.

select a.table_name, column_name,DATA_TYPE,DATA_LENGTH from all_tab_columns a,USER_ALL_TABLES u
and column_name like ’empid%’
order by DATA_LENGTH desc;

This query will also help you to find the Datatype and length of the column name. So go explore..

Also check my post on sys_context function here. This helps to find information about the Oracle environment. Very useful.


Smart Navigation

Well this one is a very basic tip for all ASP.NET diggers. and u said Why a basic tip- well as we all tend to forget basics all.. Thats our basic instinct 🙂

Smart Navigation is a little known and little used IE feature. This feature enables the individual controls on your Web forms to maintain focus between postback, as well as allows you to suppress that flicker that occurs as you load the new page.

To turn on this little-known feature, simply set the smartNavigation property of your ASPX page to True. You can also apply the property to all project pages, by adding the <pages> tag to the following location within your Web.config file:

<pages smartNavigation=”true”/>

Please take a note that smart navigation works on only Internet Explorer 5 and above.