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Gone are the days when you just had one sim and one phone, your choices were pretty limited if you wanted to use another sim. You either purchased a second cell phone or you flipped between sims. Today however the availability of dual sim phone has changed everything. You can have two sims running in one phone and switch between services with ease.

How does a dual SIM phone work?

Well it really depends on the type of phone. Some types of phones have two CPUs so its kind of like having two phones in one, this allows you to answer two calls from two different sims at the same time. Essentially you receive signals from both the numbers in your phone.

The second type of dual sim phones don’t have two CPUs so you can expect mixed results. These types of phones have some sort of call secretary software that will direct you incoming phone call to voice mail if you are buy on another call on the first sim. However if the phone does not have this type of software the caller will have to wait as your line will give him the busy signal. The latter types of cell phones however are considerably cheap.

Many people often ask if they can actually take two calls on one phone. The answer lies in the number of CPUs your phone has. If your phone has multiple CPUs then yes you can take two calls on one phone. However if it does not then you cant.

Selecting between sims on a dual sim phone is pretty easy and done via the phone’s menu. Much of what you can do on both the sims is accessible via the phone’s menu. When it comes to dual sim phones its really on a first come first serve basis so which ever caller manages to get though your line first gets to talk to you. Selecting a dual sim phone is really a personal preference based on whether or not you really want to use two services. Most people might not use more than one service while many people do.