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Gone are the days when you just had one sim and one phone, your choices were pretty limited if you wanted to use another sim. You either purchased a second cell phone or you flipped between sims. Today however the availability of dual sim phone has changed everything. You can have two sims running in one phone and switch between services with ease.

How does a dual SIM phone work?

Well it really depends on the type of phone. Some types of phones have two CPUs so its kind of like having two phones in one, this allows you to answer two calls from two different sims at the same time. Essentially you receive signals from both the numbers in your phone.

The second type of dual sim phones don’t have two CPUs so you can expect mixed results. These types of phones have some sort of call secretary software that will direct you incoming phone call to voice mail if you are buy on another call on the first sim. However if the phone does not have this type of software the caller will have to wait as your line will give him the busy signal. The latter types of cell phones however are considerably cheap.

Many people often ask if they can actually take two calls on one phone. The answer lies in the number of CPUs your phone has. If your phone has multiple CPUs then yes you can take two calls on one phone. However if it does not then you cant.

Selecting between sims on a dual sim phone is pretty easy and done via the phone’s menu. Much of what you can do on both the sims is accessible via the phone’s menu. When it comes to dual sim phones its really on a first come first serve basis so which ever caller manages to get though your line first gets to talk to you. Selecting a dual sim phone is really a personal preference based on whether or not you really want to use two services. Most people might not use more than one service while many people do.


CRT, TFT, Plasma, LCD, LED….. yes I know that you all know about these concepts. So ready for something new from this species.. Ok then take a spin and meet organic light emitting diode (OLED).

Some gyan about OLED: An organic light emitting diode (OLED), also light emitting polymer (LEP) and organic electro luminescence (OEL), is any light emitting diode (LED) whose emissive electroluminescent layer is composed of a film of organic compounds. The layer usually contains a polymer substance that allows suitable organic compounds to be deposited. They are deposited in rows and columns onto a flat carrier by a simple “printing” process. The resulting matrix of pixels can emit light of different colors.

 Sounds cryptic…. Let me ease you 🙂: OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) is a flat display technology, made by placing a series of organic thin films between two conductors. When electrical current is applied, a bright light is emitted. Because OLEDs produce (emit) light they do not require a backlight.

This means that OLEDs can be made very thin and very power efficient when compared to LCD (which do require a white backlight).

Dont Believe!!! take a look: OLEDs vs LCDs

  • Low power consumption – OLEDs are a far better choice for portable devices. It also makes OLEDs much more environmental friendly, and a candidate to be the white-light “bulb” of the future.
  • Faster refresh rate and better contrast.
  • Greater brightness – The screens are brighter, and have a fuller viewing angle.
  • Exciting displays – new types of displays, that we do not have today, like ultra-thin, flexible or transparent displays.
  • Better durability – OLEDs are very durable and can operate in a broader temperature range
  • Lighter weight – the screen can be made very thin, and can even be ‘printed’ on flexible surfaces.

Sony has been working OLED and Sony’s OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) TV, the XEL-1, is truly the next big thing in television technology. It has a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1.

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Ok,Bing is here today… Fully launched Bing is on to roll from today 3rd June 2009. So I just of giving it a shot. Well a nice and asthetic home page to start with.

Nicely layed out page with option on left of the search box, some suggestive searches below. Also one features you all will notice are the small hotspot areas scattered on the screen with text/information available as soon as you hover mouse.

To start with I search the keyword ‘vijvipin’. No no I am not posseive with my name it was just to try the power of BING,, and BINGO 🙂 here is come… loads on my blogs and all my other presence on Internet world. Great Stuff!!.. Suggestive search is integrated same as most of the search engine are doing these days.

Ok now one more feature is: As soon as you hover your mouse on the searched results it opens a box with a brief of information from the real page. Well thats a neat feature.
On the image search, I am a little disappointed as it could not search as many as the Google can. I again looked for the term “vijvipin” and “vipin vij”.  
So here are some Tips from my side to get more from BING…

Use the Fully Loaded BING..
The are chances that you seeing a localized version of Bing (if using outside North America) that may be missing some features. For instance, the Indian version of doesn’t have search history and the image on the Bing home page here is not interactive as in the US version.

To explore the full version of Bing, go to this page and set English – US as your default region. You can now enjoy all the Bing features from anywhere.

All for those stock predators 🙂
For all you who start the day with looking at stocks, if you search for a company stock, Bing will automatically create a web slice for that company which you may then add to IE 8 and track the performance directly from the favorites bar. You need Internet Explorer 8 to try this feature.

Pages with a particular file type:
Bing supports a unique “contains” search operator that lets you find web pages that contain links to particular file types.

One of the interesting feature is .. they (people at BING) change there main background on daily basis, so it will be interesting to see the new image on each day. On this front Google seems a bit boring…though it has speed benefits..

As Microsoft Internet explorer is widely used web browser, now Microsoft will give preinstalled Bing toolbar in IE, so i think the users of Bing will increase with time.

So, enjoy new searches.. and put your comments on this.

Innovative HTC has launched Touch Cruise mobile phone. It is HTC’s first mobile phone that will offer the HTC Footprints application.

HTC Touch Cruise sports a 2.8 inch TFT LCD screen with QVGA resolution as well as the HTC TouchFLO feature. It is based on the Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional operating system and inherits all the business features that will enable users to perform their professional work more profoundly. A 3.2 megapixel camera with fixed focus and video recording capability is also on board.

The HTC Footprint application has been integrated for the first time in a HTC branded device. It is a special application that acts as a digital postcard by allowing users to snap their special moments on the new HTC Touch.

Previously I wrote about the Grid Computing. Yes now a different kind is here: Cloud Computing. So what is it?

Well Cloud computing is a computing paradigm in which tasks are assigned to a combination of connections, software and services accessed over a network. This network of servers and connections is collectively known as “the cloud.” The common theme stresses reliance on the Internet for satisfying the computing needs of users, without them needing knowledge of, expertise with, or control over the technology infrastructure that supports them. Computing at the scale of the cloud allows users to access supercomputer-level power. Using a thin client or other access point, like an iPhone, BlackBerry or laptop, users can reach into the cloud for resources as they need them. Google Apps, Maps and Gmail are all based in the cloud. Other companies have already created Web-based operating systems that collect online applications into Flash-based graphic user interfaces (GUIs).

Philips’ concept Green Cuisine kitchen, unveiled in Moscow, is one of the more interesting ecologically friendly home prototypes. In fact this is so much in future that I could not belive when I first heard about it.



But I had to believe, really awesome and really out of the box. kitchens like this people like me will also hit kitchens.

The company’s future kitchen is based around a single table that can cook things anywhere on its surface by using sensors to apply heat directly underneath a pot or pan. Other nifty features include a water temperature selector, an under-the-table composter for your left-overs and a tabletop herb garden. Though, lets hope if the concept does ever make it to reality, they lose the mood lighting. Last thing I want my kitchen to look like is a stopover in the Red Light district.

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