Location-based services (LBS)

Celebrations for me and alike for whom finding locations is like searching for GOD. Hurry!!!!!!!
Location-based services (LBS) are here and soon to hit India. Gone are the days when one would use mobiles just for calls and sms. Mobiles are now allowing us to organize our lives, connect to the Internet, shop and take photos. It goes without saying that LBS are based around a single context location. Where are you located ? The premise being that if the location is known, app providers can easily pass on useful data to you. Useful because the data would be location relevant. What’s the closest ATM or where’s the Metro Station? The potential and possibilities of such location aware services are endless.

Location-based services (LBS) are wireless “mobile content” services which are to provide location-specific information to mobile users moving from location to location.

Typical Location Based Services applications fall under following categories:

1) B2B (Business to Business) : e.g. resource tracking (fleet management, courier tracking etc)
2) C2B (Consumer to Business) , i.e. Proximity-based actuation services like searching for a business/restaurant etc.
3) B2C (Business to Consumer), i.e. Proximity based notifications (push/pull) : Receive targeted ads, location based billing/discounted ads etc
4) C2C (Consumer to Consumer): Share your location/status with friends, Track your friends etc.
LBS players in India

BSNL has launched it”s Location Based service in East Zone and is currently offering enterprise services as well as consumer services:

Enterprises can locate, monitor and manage their mobile assets and employees in a secure way using a simple Web browser named “Real time fleet and asset management”.

“Friend finder” which alerts subscribers when one of their friends in their buddy list is in close proximity to their location or vice versa.

“Location-based advertisement”, broadcasts advertisement/promotion information to subscribers.

“Location-based chatting service” that enables users to communicate and/or meet someone with same interests within the same vicinity.


One thought on “Location-based services (LBS)

  1. With the explosion of Foursquare, and Facebook launching its service.
    Others like Gowalla and twitter already adopting LBS too.
    Location based services will become more important as mobile technology gradually becomes the
    accepted method for social media.
    Nice article Vijvipin

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