Excel Short Cuts

25 Very Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

1. To format any selected object, press ctrl+1

2. To insert current date, press ctrl+;

3. To insert current time, press ctrl+shift+;

4. To repeat last action, press F4

5. To edit a cell comment, press shift + F2

6. To autosum selected cells, press alt + =

7. To see the suggest drop-down in a cell, press alt + down arrow

8. To enter multiple lines in a cell, press alt+enter

9. To insert a new sheet, press shift + F11

10. To edit active cell, press F2 (places cursor in the end)

11. To hide current row, press ctrl+9

12. To hide current column, press ctrl+0

13. To unhide rows in selected range, press ctrl+shift+9

14. To unhide columns in selected range, press ctrl+shift+0

15. To recalculate formulas, press F9

16. To select data in current region, press ctrl+shift+8

17. To see formulas in the worksheet, press ctrl+shift+` (ctrl+~)

18. While editing formulas to change the reference type from absolute to relative vice versa, press F4

19. To format a number as currency, press ctrl+shift+4 (ctrl+$)

20. To apply outline border around selected cells, press ctrl+shift+7

21. To open the macros dialog box, press alt+F8

22. To copy value from above cell, press ctrl+’

23. To format current cell with comma formats, press ctrl+shift+1

24. To go to the next worksheet, press ctrl+shift+pg down

25. To go to the previous worksheet, press ctrl+shift+pg up

Next in this I’ll publish some common data situtations I have faced and I guess will be useful for all.

All your valuable comments and suggestions are priceless. Share knowledge and spread wisdom……

Keep reading..:)


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