Save Enviornment – save yourself……

Save Enviornment, Save Earth, Save Planet, Save animals, Save humans and what not. Are these just slogans derived some crazy people……. NO NO and NO…..

Wake up all you,,, yes all you out there or we will be in a never ending sleeps.

Ignorance of people(no I am not talking about those so called illitrate people), I am talking about those people who call them educated yet they seem to be totally ignorant about these issues.

Issues on which our entire human race is dependant…. please read the following article and follow and make other follow:

Ways to Conserve

-Turn off the lights and fans when you leave the house to save electricity.

-Turn off your car when waiting in a carpool line. This decreases emissions and saves petrol.

-As your incandescent light bulbs burn out, replace them with fluorescent ones. Compact fluorescent bulbs use 75% less energy than incandescent ones. While they are more expensive, they last years longer.

-Turn off the water when you shave or brush your teeth. On this I would like to further add on and request all my office collegues(in fact in all offices) to turn off the water when they wash their face or give their hair a “TOM CRUISE” look. I feel real bad people inspite of this water crises use water in Office Toilets as if they are on a River Bank.

Please grow up put that running tap off. Also I have seen people using tissue papers as if its made out of nothing. Wake up all you,, that humble looking tissue paper has been the reason of many tree cuts. Use one paper towel when you wash your hands in the public restroom. Or better yet, let your hands air-dry.

I URGE all offices(private or public), cinema halls, auditoriums, train/bus stations, airports and all other public places to put a graphic NOTICE or WARNING sign boards showing what harm we are posing on environment(read environment as humans) by not using paper towels and water wisely.

Please visit back for more….and put your comments, suggestions, ideas on this and help in saving this planet. JOIN HANDS


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