Mircosoft Bing- Search Engine

Microsoft is trying once again to take on Google. The alreay existing Live Search of Mircosoft will be replaced by BING. Hmmmm never say die. I love that. Surely Google is not the last word in search(though I love Google). So much still to be done.

Bing is actually a sound used in video games when one has found something right.

Bing is referred as a decision engine which helps users make better decisions. Unlike Google’s search results, which are full of web links, Bing boasts of crawling over local information providing social services like Yelp and CitySearch. From 3rd of June it will be fully functional.

The main page is the very opposite of Google’s stark search engine. Bing features massive photo backdrops targeted by geography and even the latest news. Bings algorithum is expected to written so that it will be able to gather new sites launched with every second.

Bing scores over Google search in terms of visual presentation of search results too. Microsoft’s Bing uses the technology from Powerset, a search technology company that was acquired last year by the software giant. Powerset’s semantic search technology helps in getting more related searches and this notably improves the generic search results. With use of Powerset Bing provides better previews and snippets of text when you hover over a result.

Like Google’s Suggestions, Bing also offers search keywords suggestions as the word is being typed. Bing gives a nice overview of a particular product by collating both user and product reviews by getting information from data mash-ups.

Clicking on a product review would result in comprehensive data of features cited as pros and cons by the users and reviewing sites as well.

So Click on http://www.bing.com/


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