Google Chrome-Beta is out

So all you Google fans (including me), Google has finally released the full version of Google Chrome browser. So no more beta versions. Google Chrome 1.0 is available for download and installation on Windows. 

Google is also working for Chrome support on Mac OSX and Linux platform.
Google has rolled out 14 updates since its launch. 
Google still has 1 percent as per Net share.

But still if I have to give my unbias analysis then i will say that: It will take a long for Google to come par with mozilla and IE. When comparing with mozilla it lacks on Add-ons,  some login issues, security problems… 

But as with every new baby, this will also take time to mature.


2 thoughts on “Google Chrome-Beta is out

    • Hi, yes that would surely be interesting to see. As of now I see that Firefox is still better than Chrome. Many factors for it:

      Firefox is more secure than Chrome, Also Mozilla had already claimed its 3.1 version could outperform Chrome when it comes to speed. Firefox is king of the extensions and add-ons. Also the lesser known, Mozilla-based social web browser Flock, which released its 2.0 version this past October is available for the people who are heavily into networking/social sites. Flock can feel a bit overwhelming at times with all of the sidebars of information, but once you get everything set up and get the hang of it, it’s pretty convenient and preferable to keeping a million tabs open for sites like Twitter and Facebook. The drag and drop interface is also great.

      But… question is “For how long” Firefox can be there.

      Although Firefox is king of the extensions Chrome comes with Google Gears built-in, and that’s much more interesting than Web Slices. Gears enables web services such as Google Docs to run offline as well as online, and while Gears is available for everything from Windows to mobile phones (as well as Firefox and IE) it’s nice to have it in the browser from the get-go. Chrome wins hands down on getting the job done. It’s quick and painless with a clear focus of searching for information using Google’s engine. Dynamic tabbed browsing is a staple now, and if anything crashes, only that tab will go down, not your entire session, which is nice.

      IE8(yes not to forget the big old daddy): Love it or hate it, Internet Explorer is hanging on to about three-quarters of the browsing market
      IE8 has a few interesting ideas built into the browser. Its Accelerators are plugins that essentially bring the power of web services to the context menu. Yes this feature is very interesting like for example: if you right-click on a link you can choose to blog it, email it, translate it and so on. Easy, neat. IE8’s Smart Address Bar offers similar functionality to Chrome’s Omnibox, letting you type in URLs or search terms and taking you to the right place.

      There are many more issues to look for, actually I would say the choice depends now on the users need. If it is speed then may be one should go for Chrome, if it is a feature rich experience then Firefox, and if it is a bit of every thing (read it acceptance) then it is IE8.

      Hope you will like this reply. suggest back!!

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