Philips Green Kitchen Concept Has Cook-Anywhere Table

Philips’ concept Green Cuisine kitchen, unveiled in Moscow, is one of the more interesting ecologically friendly home prototypes. In fact this is so much in future that I could not belive when I first heard about it.



But I had to believe, really awesome and really out of the box. kitchens like this people like me will also hit kitchens.

The company’s future kitchen is based around a single table that can cook things anywhere on its surface by using sensors to apply heat directly underneath a pot or pan. Other nifty features include a water temperature selector, an under-the-table composter for your left-overs and a tabletop herb garden. Though, lets hope if the concept does ever make it to reality, they lose the mood lighting. Last thing I want my kitchen to look like is a stopover in the Red Light district.

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